Ministry of Consumers: Warning of meatballs

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Lower Saxony Ministry of Consumers: Warning of meatballs!
The Lower Saxony Ministry of Consumption is currently warning against the consumption of bacteria-contaminated meatballs. The meat dumplings are sold in Jawoll markets in Germany. In Bavaria, an increased amount of Listeria bacteria was found in samples of the meatballs. In addition, the manufacturer "Metzger Otten" warns against eating meatballs made from pork. The meatballs are offered in 500 gram plastic bags (shelf life at -18 ° C until May 24th, 2010 / batch L: May 24th, 2010/102).

The bacteria listeria can cause an infectious disease called listeriosis in humans. Listeria are mainly found in non-heated animal foods (e.g. raw milk and raw milk cheese). Listeria can cause the disease listeriosis, which can be particularly dangerous for people with a weakened immune system, for pregnant women and small children. According to information from the Robert Koch Institute, the disease is fatal in around 30 percent of patients. In particular, patients with a weakened immune system die of listeriosis. Many people with a sufficient and strong immune defense only feel mild flu symptoms after an incubation period of up to 70 days. But it is precisely this long incubation period that makes the disease so dangerous, because it is often recognized too late. The safest way to prevent food infections in humans is to heat the food properly. The Listeria infestation of cheese in supermarkets recently caused a sensation. (05.03.2010)

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