Alternative practitioner

Alternative practitioner for holistic therapy

Alternative practitioner for holistic therapy

Wuppertal: Practice for holistic therapy and preventive concepts. Benner, alternative practitioner

Berliner Strasse 125
42275 Wuppertal
[email protected]

Practice: You will find my practice in the immediate vicinity of the Wuppertal landmark, the suspension railway. I have been practicing as a naturopath here since 1975. The spatial design of the practice will give you a soothing atmosphere and security in order to ensure optimal therapy in addition to professional competence. In addition to traditional Chinese medicine, the therapeutic focus is on Western naturopathy, psychotherapy and environmental medicine. Health prevention is an essential aspect of my job.

In order not to disturb the course of the individual treatment, you will find no hectic pace, no full waiting room and no time constraints in my practice. Health prevention: My position is "optimize health - prevent diseases". Get professional help. In addition to my anti-aging concept, smoking cessation and weight loss are successful preventive concepts in my practice: Losing weight with anti-weight therapy and stopping smoking.

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