Cannabis helps with bladder overactivity

Cannabis helps with bladder overactivity

The synthetic cannabis substance "Canna-binor" helps with bladder overreaction.

In cooperation with a Swedish-American working group, doctors at the urological clinic in Munich have determined that the synthetic cannabis substance "Canna-binor" could reduce the symptoms of overactive bladders (OAB, "OverActive Bladder"). Corresponding results were obtained in experiments with animals.

The medical experts came up with the idea in the context of the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. MS patients frequently use cannabis preparations to relieve pain and spasticity. In addition, MS patients often have symptoms that resemble an "overactive bladder". After using the appropriate cannabis medication, symptoms in MS patients decreased and symptoms decreased.

The "over-active bladder" is a functional disorder of the bladder function. OverActive Bladder patients suffer from constant urination and frequent urination. Patients sometimes complain about incontinence. "OAB is usually treated with drugs that relax the muscles of the bladder," said Dr. Christian Gratzke from the Urological Clinic Munich. "However, their effectiveness is limited in time and some of the medications have serious side effects, such as dry mouth or confusion." For this reason, alternative treatment options have been sought for years. The cannabis substance canna-binor could soon provide relief for patients. In addition, there are numerous applications in naturopathy that provide relief. (sb, 04/12/2010)

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