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Minister of Health: More sex against hypertension

Minister of Health: More sex against hypertension

Brazil's Minister of Health Jose Gomes Temporao advises his compatriots: sex as a prevention against chronic diseases and high blood pressure.

Around 190 million people in Brazil suffer from high blood pressure. At the beginning of a health campaign against high blood pressure, Brazil's Health Minister Jose Gomes Temporao gave his countrymen a very special piece of advice: "Adults have to move: run, dance and have sex". A soccer game at the weekend should not be the only sporting activity for a Brazilian, the health minister added.

Was that the minister's joke? No, because according to the newspaper "O Globo" the minister already knows how to announce the right dose: Having sex five times a day is quite possible, but every citizen should perform the sexual act five times a week. However, contraception during sex should not be neglected. According to Temporao, the health situation in Brazil is a health "ticking time bomb". A large proportion of the population may be affected by chronic diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and excessive cholesterol levels within the next 20 years. According to the minister, eating habits in Brazil are very unhealthy and promote coronary artery disease.

Critics might think that Brazil has no money for actual retirement programs and that is why Jose Gomes Temporao is releasing such tips to the population. But what's the point of the suggestion to have more sex, for example to prevent hypertension?

In addition to the fact that sex mostly makes people happy and strengthens the partnership between two people, regular sex actually has health benefits. Sex accelerates the pulse rate, promotes blood circulation and the oxygen supply improves during the act. The happiness hormone endorphin is also released during sexual intercourse. This hormone dispels headaches, back pain and tension, for example. Prevention of prostate diseases has also been observed. In addition, men increasingly release the hormone "testosterone" during sex, which strengthens the bones, heart and circulation. So the Brazilian Minister of Health is not entirely wrong. (sm)

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