Nausea and headache from glutamate

Nausea and headache from glutamate

Nausea and headache from the taste enhancer glutamate.

The flavor enhancer "glutamate" is used in many Asian restaurants. Many people complain of headaches, nausea, reddening of the skin and even vomiting after eating. But why do some people react to glutamate with physical symptoms?

Glutamate is not a wort, but an industrially manufactured flavor enhancer. It contains chemical substances that create an artificial taste. Irrespective of the flavor, an artificial feeling of hunger is also created in the human brain. The following glutamate flavor enhancers are most commonly used: sodium glutamate, potassium glutamate, calcium glutamate and glutamic acid. Glutamate can be found not only in Asian restaurants, but in a variety of finished products. Glutamate can be identified on food products with the following labels: E620 to E625 and the name monosodium glutamate. These direct names of the additives are often avoided and are hidden behind terms such as "wort" or "yeast extract".

Possible discomfort after eating glutamate.
Many people complain about complaints, especially after eating in Chinese restaurants. Such complaints are known as "China Food Syndrome". The following complaints are known: headache, nausea, reddening of the skin, muscle problems, palpitations and a tightness in the chest. The following symptoms were even observed in children: fever, fear or anxiety, drowsiness or confusion. The symptoms usually appear immediately after eating or during the day.

These symptoms are not an allergy, but an intolerance to the taste enhancer glutamate. Numerous nutritional initiatives have long been committed to a ban on flavor enhancers, since secondary diseases are also suspected. Those who complain of such complaints after eating should avoid such products altogether. However, the symptoms are particularly severe after eating soups that have been mixed with the artificial flavor enhancer. Due to the easy digestion of the soup, glutamate gets into the human body very quickly. However, natural dishes and seasonings can also be found in numerous Asian restaurants. It is best to ask in advance whether "glutamate" is used to prepare the dishes. (sb)

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