New naturopathy guide appeared

New naturopathy guide appeared

The new naturopathy guide: "Naturopathy for everyone".

(11.07.2010) The Gersfeld medical doctor and naturopath Dr. Jürgen Freiherr von Rosen published. In the "Naturopathy for Everyone" guide, laypeople can learn all about naturopathic procedures, possible applications and tips on health care.

The author has been dealing with the topic of naturopathy for over 40 years. The physician, who specializes in natural holistic medicine, has been working as a naturopathic practitioner since 1969, settled in Gersfeld in Hesse in 1971 and opened a specialist clinic for naturopathy, the Gersfeld Castle Park Clinic in the nature park and biosphere reserve ten years laterRhön. The clinic mainly deals with chronic conditions such as allergies, stomach and intestinal diseases, rheumatic diseases, complaints of the lymphatic system and others with naturopathic methods, such as the F.X. Mayr cure, Bach flower therapy, respiratory therapy, craniosacral therapy (part of osteopathy) or manual lymphatic drainage. Diagnostically, the clinic can also use a multitude of diagnostic options from naturopathy, such as dark field microscopy or iris diagnostics. Dr. von Rosen is considered a pioneer and proven expert in the field of naturopathy. Among other things, he is the founder of the "Society for the Development and Promotion of Naturopathy", which has set itself the task of integrating naturopathy back into conventional medicine.

In his guide, his specialist knowledge is given in an understandable form for professionals and amateurs. In this way, readers can learn interesting facts about the development of diseases and which alternative treatment therapies are possible. Freiherr von Rosen also focuses on preventing diseases with the help of nature. The naturopathic treatment is almost free of side effects and "gentle". The book "Naturopathy for Everyone" is now available in bookstores for 14.95 EURO (ISBN: 978-3-86616-166-5). (sb, tf)

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