More and more people are taking antidepressants

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More and more doctors are prescribing antidepressants for their patients.

According to a study by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), more and more doctors are prescribing medicines for depression to working people. However, it is preferable not to prescribe herbal medicines, but antidepressants. This is based on the health report of the TK health insurance.

It is striking that the amount of prescription-only antidepressants in particular has almost doubled in the past ten years. Noticeable: The number of prescribed antidepressants has increased significantly, especially in Bavaria. Most of the drugs prescribed for depressive syndrome were prescribed here. The lowest rate was in Saxony-Anhalt, where the fewest antidepressants were prescribed by doctors.

The spokesperson for the health insurance company, Wiebke Arps, could not explain why the rate is so high in Bavaria: "The high volume of antidepressants in Bavaria is particularly surprising given the fact that professionals in the Free State, in addition to Baden-Württemberg and Saxony-Anhalt, who have the fewest psychological sick leave ".

According to the TK Health Report 2010, the number of certificates of incapacity for work due to mental illnesses (depression or anxiety disorders) has increased by almost 40 percent.

Here it becomes clear that above all an increasing volume of work and stress are likely to be the cause of the sharp increase in medication consumption. Further studies in this area had made a connection. The trend can also be observed in the states. There, the consumption of psychotropic drugs has been growing steadily for decades. (sb)

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