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Beauty corrections are also enjoying growing popularity in Germany. In particular, the use of Botox for wrinkle treatment is also a trend among women in this country. Men tend to prefer laser treatment. The supposed desire for perfection continues.

(10.09.2010) The Society for Aesthetic Surgery Germany e.V. (GÄCD) recorded an increase of around 20 percent in cosmetic operations in 2009. A total of 171,000 people had cosmetic corrections performed on their bodies by members of the GÄCD last year. In addition, light cosmetic corrections, such as B. Wrinkle treatments with Botox as a filling substance in demand. According to GÄCD, their use increased by over 50 percent to 146,000 in 2009 alone. Women in particular resort to the use of Botox, while men make up only a very small proportion of patients (just over 10 percent). On the one hand, men generally tend less often to aesthetic interventions on their body and, on the other hand, according to the GÄCD, they prefer laser treatments to smooth out wrinkles and remove cornifications on the face. Around 43,000 men had their appearance corrected in this way.

"The most popular interventions are the inexpensive ones," GÄCD General Secretary Matthias Gensior explains the massive increase in Botox treatments, with the increase in cosmetic operations by 20 percent also indicating a general trend towards correction of one's own body. Liposuction (almost 17,000) cases and eyelid corrections are popular with women. Men, on the other hand, have their nose corrected more often in addition to wrinkle treatment (almost 3,500 operations) or tattoos removed

The massive increase in cosmetic corrections is, however, in the opinion of the consumer protection centers, not entirely without problems. The North Rhine-Westphalia consumer protection center only warned in June of this year that "all operations are always associated with health risks, some of which are considerable", and in contrast to operations involving reconstructive or plastic surgery, which are aimed at restoring the body Example goes after accidents that are usually not "medically necessary".

The trend, which is now very pronounced in the USA, also seems to be establishing itself in Germany. Above all women - but also more and more men - try to chase after a non-natural ideal of beauty. For many it is not just a "cosmetic surgery". For many US stars, plastic surgery is now "good form". This is also reflected in the normal population. More and more people are undergoing an operation. The psychological consequences cannot be foreseen at all. Because even such operations cannot change emotions and fears. (sb, fp)

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