Can Stomach Surgery Help With Type II Diabetes?

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Gastric surgery can help overweight type 2 diabetics

Successful treatment of type 2 diabetes with gastric surgery? No problem, according to the "Middle East Health" magazine published in Dubai, citing a US study. Accordingly, the surgery helped patients to significantly reduce their daily insulin requirements.

Gastric surgery reduces medication requirements by more than 75 percent. The article "Middle East Health" refers to a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. The study examined 2,235 adults with type 2 diabetes, with all study participants having had surgery on their stomach between 2002 and 2005 due to pathological obesity. According to the specialist magazine, more than 23 percent of the test subjects depended on insulin and more than 50 percent on metformin hydrochloride before the operation. The amazing side effects of gastric surgery: one year after the procedure, only 5.5 percent depended on insulin and 8.4 percent on metformin hydrochloride.

Hormones in the stomach possible cause According to the researchers, the cause of the reduced insulin or metformin hydrochloride requirement could be the weight loss due to the operation, but in some patients the signs of the disease had already disappeared before they had decreased significantly as a result of the stomach operation . According to the researchers, this suggests that the operation affects hormone levels in the stomach, which regulates blood sugar levels in a natural way. (fp, 29.08.2010)

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