Dangerous substance in instant coffee

Dangerous substance in instant coffee

Prohibited substance detected in instant coffee.

As announced by the Ministry of Environment in Wiesbaden, the instant coffee from the manufacturer Imperia Elita contains a prohibited substance that is used in drugs as an "appetite suppressant". It is the active ingredient "Sibutramine". As the Ministry said, the substance could cause significant side effects. The substance is actually used in medication to reduce excessive obesity. Possible side effects of the active ingredient "Sibutramine" are headache, dry mouth, nausea and vomiting, but also numbness, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

Recall started
The group has already responded to this warning and is recalling its instant coffee "Vitaccino" from the retail market with the best-before date of 8 February 2012. The company defends itself by arguing that coffee had been food-tested before it came onto the market. There was no complaint at the time. However, an investigation by the official laboratory for food surveillance discovered the prohibited substance.

Do not use coffee that has already been bought
The manufacturer is now asking consumers not to use the coffee they have already bought. Anyone who has already bought the instant coffee with the specified expiry date can return it to the retailer for a refund of the purchase price. An exchange of the goods is also possible, you will get back safe coffee in exchange. (sb, 2010-10-08)

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