500 percent more mushroom poisoning

500 percent more mushroom poisoning

500 percent more fungal poisoning: women are particularly affected by acute poisoning from fungi.

According to the German employee health insurance DAK, an increase of more than 500 percent in fungal intoxications was recorded in August alone. About twice as many women as men were affected.

At the DAK, the number of hospital treatments for acute fungal poisoning has increased dramatically this year. Until now, 42 people nationwide had to be admitted to a clinic due to fungal poisoning. In August alone, 31 people - about five times more than in the same period last year - had to be hospitalized for poisoning. In the past year as a whole, there were only 42 people who needed medical treatment in the hospital. It is striking that women in particular poisoned themselves. Twice as many women as men contracted mushroom poisoning this August alone. Throughout the past year, almost twice as many women have been poisoned as men.

Most collectors were poisoned in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg
Many people poisoned themselves with mushrooms, especially in the federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg (a total of seven). In the states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt (four cases per state), the fungal poisoning was so severe that it had to be treated in a clinic.

Good mushroom weather and inexperience are the reasons for the massive increase in mushroom poisoning
The reason for the massive increase in mushroom poisoning could be the humid and warm summer, which allowed the mushrooms to grow in mass and attracted numerous inexperienced collectors. This inexperience led some patients to collect and eat the highly toxic tuber agaric. Even a small amount of the fungus leads to acute liver failure and can lead to death. The tapered tuber agaric is confused with the forest and meadow mushrooms, especially in the early growth phase. The poison of the fungus damages the liver and kidneys in a special way and if it is recognized too late, the poisoning can no longer be treated. Numerous sufferers have already had a liver transplant.

Complaints of fungal intoxication
The first symptoms of fungal intoxication can be malaise and nausea and vomiting. Anyone who feels such symptoms after consuming mushrooms should definitely call an emergency doctor. Because only with fast medical care can the health consequences of fungal poisoning be reduced. A doctor should also be informed if the symptoms subside. Because that too can be a typical symptom of fungal intoxication. The DAK strongly advises against eating unknown mushrooms. If you are not sure, you should only search in the woods with very experienced mushroom pickers. (sb, October 19, 2010)

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