Asthma spray: Avoid fungal infections in the mouth

Asthma spray: Avoid fungal infections in the mouth

Asthma spray: Avoid fungal infections in the mouth with the right technique

Oral fungal infections can be caused by medicines with cortisone. This phenomenon has often been observed, especially with medication for asthma and other lung diseases. The fungal diseases are forced by deposited particles of the medicinal products in the mouth, which suppress the immune system there. Those affected then suffer from fungal infections in the mouth.

Fungal diseases often after administration of inhalations The occurrence in this context is by no means rare. In Germany alone, 40,000 patients were affected last year. This is reported by the German Pharmaceutical Testing Institute (DAPI). This value could be determined on the basis of anonymized data from statutory health insurers. The institute included all insured persons who received a medication for fungal infections after around 30 days after prescribing cortisone inhalations. But infection can be prevented, as Professor Martin Schulz explains: "The side effect of fungal infections in the mouth can often be avoided. Experience has shown that fungal infections occur less frequently when patients inhale immediately before a meal or rinse their mouth with water after inhalation" , says Professor Martin Schulz, Managing Director of Pharmacy at DAPI.

Correct inhalation important In addition, the risk of infection can also be avoided by using the correct inhalation technique. However, the right technique depends on the prescribed preparation. Patients with propellant-driven MDIs should inhale slowly and deeply. In contrast, patients with other asthma preparations should breathe in quickly and deeply because the release of the active ingredient is triggered by the breath. Intermediate pieces (“spacers”) facilitate the correct application, depending on their nature and size. Intermediate pieces also help to prevent less undesirable particles from depositing in the mouth area. With all inhalations, those affected should hold their breath for a few seconds after inhalation. (sb, 10/20/2010)

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