Naturopathy: Home remedies relieve sore throats

Naturopathy: Home remedies relieve sore throats

Home remedies from naturopathy can relieve a sore throat and support the healing process

A constant feeling of scratching and pain in the throat after swallowing drinks or food are typical signs of a flu-like infection (mild cold). Especially in winter, many people suffer from the typical cold symptoms. The administration of strong drugs or even antibiotics is not recommended, although antibiotics do not work anyway if there is a viral infection. If there are no serious symptoms such as high fever or chills, those affected can resort to proven home remedies.

The pharmacist Erika Fink recommends to use extracts from chamomile, linden flowers, sage, ribwort, thyme and the Icelandic medicinal plant moss for typical symptoms of a cold. Depending on the species, the plant extracts act against inflammation and are contracting. In addition, the medicinal plants can form a protective layer on the tarnished and irritated mucous membrane. In pharmacies, health food stores or health food stores, the medicinal plants are available in highly compressed form either as juice or as dragées. Thyme and sage teas can also help alleviate the symptoms and support the healing process. If the symptoms do not go away or worsen, a family doctor should be consulted.

So that the healing is supported, sick people should drink plenty of water and tea. Smoking and drinking alcohol should also be avoided. Since pathogens multiply best in heated rooms, the rooms should be ventilated more often. Other home remedies for sore throats. (sb)

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