VdK: Coalition collapses in front of the employer lobby

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VdK: Coalition buckles in front of parts of the employers' lobby: renouncing legal rights during family care leave disadvantaging carers

"Nursing must be given the same status as bringing up children. If the coalition now refrains from giving caring relatives a legal entitlement to family care leave, it is going in the completely wrong direction. Caring relatives do physical and psychological hard work for years and relieve the burden on contributions and taxpayers If we do not significantly improve the compatibility of care and work, our care system is at risk of collapse, "said Ulrike Mascher, President of the VdK Germany Social Association. Apparently, many in the coalition and among employers' organizations had not yet recognized the explosiveness of this major socio-political challenge of our time.

"Without a legal entitlement, many workers will not be able to take advantage of family care leave. Experience shows that voluntary solutions are largely ineffective. It is unfortunate that the coalition is not listening to the progressive companies and is adopting a modern family policy . " Mascher called on the federal government to make family care leave a legal right and to support it with a wage replacement benefit. Anything else would be a bad start to the year of care 2011. (Michael Pausder)

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