Treat allergies with Chinese medicine

Treat allergies with Chinese medicine

Enjoy spring thanks to Chinese medicine

Reddened eyes, nasal congestion and unpleasant sneezing attacks: Allergy sufferers experience spring not only from the beautiful side. Hay fever patients associate the first flowers with unpleasant symptoms that, if left untreated, can lead to the development of bronchial asthma. Thanks to gentle methods, Chinese medicine treats the causes of the allergy and thus prevents serious illnesses.

Chinese medicine attributes allergies to a disturbed balance between yin and yang: “In the first years of life, the immune system learns how to deal effectively with infection. If this immunological promptness is suppressed, for example by excessive use of antibiotics, the body responds with so-called excessive reactions. The immune system now responds to foreign substances that, in contrast to pathogens, do not pose any health risks, ”explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, general practitioner and TCM expert from Klinik am Steigerwald. For this reason, a detailed medical history takes place in the TCM before the start of therapy. In the patient discussion, practitioners explore the medical history and are also interested in past illnesses - even into childhood. Five therapy pillars are used in the subsequent treatment: “Acupuncture primarily relieves acute symptoms. Chinese medication helps the body to deal with environmental influences in the long term. ”Nutritional science, Tuina massages and Qi Gong body therapy complete the holistic concept. (pm)

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