Nationwide campaigns for the nuclear phase-out planned

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Nationwide campaigns for nuclear phase-out planned throughout Germany

In connection with the dramatic events in Japan, numerous initiatives in Germany are calling for vigils to be held in all major cities of the Republic next Monday to demonstrate for the immediate exit from nuclear energy.

After the severe earthquake in Japan, the Japanese authorities no longer rule out the possibility of a meltdown in the two nuclear reactors of the Fukushima I and III nuclear facilities. Cabinet chief Yukio Edano announced today that a damaged hydrogen explosion could also occur in the damaged block III, as it did in block I on Saturday. The authorities estimate that at least 160 people have been contaminated with radioactivity to date. Within a radius of currently 20 kilometers, all residents had to leave their homes and go to emergency accommodations. A protection zone of a total of 10 kilometers was also set up for another neighboring nuclear power plant. Here too, people are currently being evacuated.

The Japanese government now speaks of an unprecedented nuclear emergency and the greatest crisis since World War II. A nuclear expert from the environmental protection organization Greenpeace emphasized that compared to Chernobyl, the dramatic factor in Fukushima was that there were several incidents of meltdowns. In addition, the Japanese capital is only about 250 kilometers from the nuclear accident site. In the Fukushima area the population density is 20 times higher than in 1986 in the Chernobyl region. A total of 200,000 people are currently being evacuated. According to radiation biologist Edmund Lengfelder from the Otto Hug Radiation Institute in Munich, the consequences of the nuclear accident in Japan could be worse than 25 years ago in Chernobyl. The processes are quite different, but Japan is much more densely populated, so the health consequences for people could be much more dramatic. "I assume that it will be worse than in Chernobyl," said the expert.

Under the motto "Fukushima is everywhere - nuclear phase-out now!", Various initiatives such as "Broadcast" or "Greenpeace" are now calling to actively hold vigils. The call said: "In deep dismay at the events in Japan and with the firm will to fight together for the nuclear power plants in the Federal Republic to finally be shut down, we call on Monday, March 14th, from 18th Until 6.30 p.m. in as many places as possible in central places for vigils. "

Spontaneous gatherings and demonstrations are already expected in larger cities today. In order to find out exactly where and where the rallies take place, the website "Broadcast" offers a comprehensive overview. All locations are recorded on a map of Germany. (sb)

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