Forget about metal clamp during surgery in the abdomen

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Treatment error: 16 cm metal clamp forgotten in the abdomen during surgery

As unbelievable as it sounds: surgical tools and other objects in the body of patients are repeatedly forgotten. A patient at the Evangelical Hospital in Holzminden also suffered this fate. During a gynecological operation, the attending doctor sewed a 16-centimeter-long metal clamp in the stomach of the 49-year-old patient.

After undergoing gynecological surgery in the Holzminden hospital in May 2010, the 49-year-old from neighboring Höxter (North Rhine-Westphalia) suffered from severe pain for months. In the end it turned out that the operating doctor had forgotten a 16 cm long artery clamp in her stomach. It was only after nine months that the metal clamp was located and then removed in another clinic, clinic manager Marco Ellerhoff confirmed the corresponding media reports.

Patient suffered from severe pain for months After the gynecological operation, the 49-year-old reported that she had suffered from extreme abdominal pain for months. In addition, the wounds were not healed and she felt a hard object under the skin, the patient explained to the "Westfalen-Blatt". The operating doctor, however, did not go into their problems any further and presented them as hypochondriacs. The patient was repeatedly reassured and comforted until finally, in February of this year - around nine months after the operation - the chief doctor took care of her case. On an x-ray, he found that there was a 16-centimeter-long metal clamp in the patient's abdomen, confirmed clinic manager Marco Ellerhoff. The evangelical hospital is trying to limit the damage in the face of the terrifying process and Ellerhoff emphasized that the patient should now be compensated for the incident at least financially as quickly as possible. "We are in discussion with our insurance company and also with the patient," said the managing director of the clinic.

The operating doctor is no longer employed. However, the clinic management did not want to provide further details on the process. How it could happen that an approximately 16 centimeter long metal object in a patient's body was forgotten and sewn in remains a mystery. The managing director of the clinic, Ellerhoff, only stated that he was personally "very frightened" when he became aware of the case. The behavior of the operating doctor is particularly critical. Not only was he negatively endangering the patient's health through his negligent work, but also the way the woman's complaints were dealt with was more than questionable. Instead of seriously thinking about and admitting their own mistakes, the doctor went on the offensive and doubted the credibility of his patient. The management of the evangelical hospital in Holzminden, for example, has now distanced itself from the doctor and has stated that it will not extend the operator's contract, which expires at the end of March. (fp)

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