Prevent cravings with a healthy diet

Prevent cravings with a healthy diet

Prevent cravings with a healthy diet

Especially in professions with a lot of stress, many people experience a real craving. Anyone who has also put an end to cigarette smoking will usually face even more violent cravings. However, those who prevent can significantly reduce the risk of weight gain.

All of a sudden it overwhelms you: The constant desire to eat something. In order to avoid a cravings attack, Michaela Bänsch, nutrition lecturer at the German University for Prevention and Health Management / BSA Academy in Saarbrücken, recommends choosing the right foods before starting work. The best sources of a positive and healthy diet are vegetables, fruits and whole grains. White flour products such as bread rolls or toasted bread should definitely be largely banned from the menu. Even sugary drinks and sweets should only be part of the diet to a very small extent, explained the nutrition expert.

Cravings often result from hypoglycemia after eating. After eating sweets, white flour, soft drinks and finished products, the blood sugar level rises sharply and insulin is released. "This in turn causes the blood sugar level to drop. If this drops sharply, cravings for sweets are the result."

The expert therefore recommends eating in a structured and regular manner. This also means that you shouldn't miss a main meal if possible. For the hunger in between you should eat unprocessed vegetables such as carrots or celery. Fruit such as bananas and apples is also ideal. Prevention can also be done while shopping. It is best not to buy foods that can trigger a food craze or to take them home in very small quantities. Then you don't get tempted afterwards.

Cravings also the first sign of diabetes As an early symptom of type II diabetes, about a quarter of patients experience cravings. However, these do not lead to weight gain and are often associated with a strong feeling of thirst and increased urination. (sb)

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