Live longer through healthy eating

Live longer through healthy eating

A healthy diet increases life expectancy by 20 years

A healthy diet can extend life expectancy by around 20 years. This is reported by the nutritionist Prof. Dr. Michael Ristow, holder of the chair for human nutrition at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, interviewed the news portal "Welt Online". According to the expert, two thirds of the deaths in Germany are caused by "food-related" diseases.

In naturopathy, nutrition has always been of particular importance as the basis of stable health. For example, in the past few decades, the nutrition theory of traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda has also found its way into Germany. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) has long emphasized the crucial influence of nutrition on health development. Now the nutritionist Prof. Ristow has told “Welt Online”: “If you eat properly, you can (with life expectancy) hope for a supplement of up to 20 years”.

Relationship between life expectancy and eating habits According to the experts of the German Nutrition Society, “nutrition-related” illnesses are responsible for more than two thirds of deaths (68 percent). Well over 500,000 deaths in Germany are at least partly caused by eating habits each year. According to the DGE, fat-rich, sugary and salty foods are a major part of the widespread unhealthy diet in this country. Not only does the risk of obesity and obesity increase significantly as a result of eating habits, but the likelihood of further health problems also increases drastically, the experts at the DGE report. In this way, the unhealthy diet significantly shortens life expectancy and life could be prolonged with a change in diet around 20 years, explained Prof. Ristow. According to the nutritionist, fruits and vegetables, as well as lots of fish and little meat, should form the essential components of the diet. In addition, the vitamin requirement cannot be compensated for by so-called vitamin tablets or capsules, since these cannot replace the multitude of individual substances that are found in an apple, for example, explained Prof. Ristow.

Ayurveda's nutritional theory In naturopathy, however, no simple nutritional recommendations are given for the intake of certain foods. Ayurveda's nutritional theory, for example, specifies the influence that certain foods can have on health in interaction with other foods. Based on the assumption that the constitution of the individual is directly related to the three doshas vata, pitta and kapha, traditional Indian medicine uses certain foods to influence these doshas and thus achieve positive health effects. Not only the fundamentally relatively balanced diet plays an important role here, but also the recommendations that are made for the combination of certain foods. For example, Ayurveda recommends seasoning cheese with black pepper, hot peppers, horseradish or other spicy ingredients, as this will make it easier to digest. Meat dishes should also be prepared with spices such as fennel seeds, cumin or mustard seeds to aid digestion.

Adapting the diet to the individual constitution In addition, traditional Indian medicine generally advises not to combine certain foods with one another in order not to unnecessarily burden the digestion. Overall, the diet is to be adapted to the individual constitution of the individual according to the principle of Ayurveda in order to achieve the greatest possible positive health effects. Whether in the end, as suggested by Prof. Ristow, there is a life extended by 20 years or the people concerned may simply become healthier has not yet been scientifically proven, even if, according to the nutritionist, various US studies currently show the relationship between certain nutritional methods and the Examine life expectancy. (fp)

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