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Family practice big and small

Family practice big and small

I support (expectant) parents, parents, children, families in finding more peace, strength and joy. The ways to get there are individual - just like the people and situations themselves. -HP for psychotherapy i.A. - REIKI for pregnant women, children, parents -Health counseling and holistic nutrition -Family coaching - Pregnancy coaching Maternity counseling -Relaxation procedures -Children relaxation procedures -Process-oriented homoeopathy -Game and knowledge courses for toddlers -Literature advice for all ages -Therapeutic reading hours for children Kitacoach -All-round support from daycare centers Health and development, special offers for children -Advice in dealing with I-children and families -Nutritional advice for daycare centers -Relaxation courses for children / educators in daycare centers. I like to accompany families in all, especially but also in health issues, in addition to the pediatrician. As a neutral person with well-founded background knowledge, I can point out therapies and alternative solutions or accompany decisions from vaccination to day care change. From dealing with separations to integration status. I am happy to accompany pregnant women with and without a partner and help to find the right delivery! Under DESCRIPTION you will find a section of the options that are available to you. I myself, mother of a boy and longer single parent - meanwhile a brilliant network of therapists from all disciplines - which I would like to recommend or work with. It ranges from speech therapy and occupational therapy to osteopathy and Japanese child acupuncture. Prices: The first consultation is of course free of charge.

Family practice big and small
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