Naturopathy: TCM for fibromyalgia

Naturopathy: TCM for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia: Traditional Chinese medicine provides relief

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is often the cause of pain in muscles and joints, and patients report persistent colds and fever. The disorder known as soft tissue rheumatism is characterized by confusingly diverse and frequently occurring symptoms. In addition to high sensitivity to pain, patients also suffer from sleep disorders and permanent fatigue. Chronic mucous membrane irritation, depression and a generally unstable mood are also typical features. Fibromyalgia sufferers often suffer unbearably long, can hardly cope with everyday tasks and report numerous unsuccessful visits to the doctor. What many do not know: Traditional Chinese medicine is a serious alternative.

Due to the lack of treatment success, conventional medical doctors often refer patients to psychiatrists and classify causes as “psychosomatic”. Chinese medicine does not rule out mental illness factors, but FMS considers it primarily as a somatic disorder and sees the origin in infections. "In about two thirds of fibromyalgia cases, we are already getting permanent improvement," reports Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the clinic at the Steigerwald. “We consider fibromyalgia to be a malfunction in immunological control. It usually begins with uncured infections ”. In this way, cold processes in patients get stuck at an early stage. Fever, mucus drainage and regeneration do not take place as subsequent phases.

Persistent and unsuccessful attempts at defense cost strength and lead to a dangerous habit of the body getting used to this condition. The anamnesis therefore focuses on the body's defense behavior against infections. After extensive diagnosis, treatment is carried out that is tailored to the individual's medical history. Chinese medicine is based on five pillars. "Acupuncture and moxibustion stimulate the body's energy pathways, Tuina massages ensure better vital tensions and with meditative and gymnastic Qi Gong exercises we stabilize body energies and release tension. The vegetarian diet favors healing processes through mild intestinal detoxification, ”explains Dr. Schmincke. Therapy with Chinese medicines - also known as phytotherapy - form the basis. They mobilize and activate the immune system and are the most important treatment method. For example, Chinese acute formulations in fibromyalgia patients initially reactivate "old" infections that the immune system has not successfully overcome. In some patients, this means that bronchitis or cystitis suddenly reappears after years. This so-called update enables old illnesses to be worked through and leads them out of the body, for example via mucous membranes. In the clinic at the Steigerwald there are also accompanying therapeutic discussions that continuously clarify the circumstances of the disease and give patients help with lifestyle and nutritional behavior. (pm)

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