Counterfeit studies of the effects of red wine

Counterfeit studies of the effects of red wine

Fake studies on the health benefits of red wine

While some researchers work hard for decades to come up with spectacular research results, others achieve the same result by falsifying their data. So also the scientist Dipak Das from the University of Connecticut, who had noticed several times in recent years through amazing publications on the health benefits of red wine and other alcoholic beverages.

For years, researchers around the world have been studying the health effects of the aromatic compound resveratrol, a polyphenol that is found in red wine, among other things, and is said to act as an antioxidant to protect against arteriosclerosis, heart disease and even cancer. Research by US scientist Dipak Das, director of the Cardiovascular Research Center at the University of Connecticut, made a significant contribution. But results from Dipak That were largely falsified, reports the specialist magazine "New Scientist".

60,000-page report shows falsified study results After three years of investigation, the University of Connecticut found the head of the Cardiovascular Research Center guilty of data forgery based on an anonymous tip. The report comprises 60,000 pages and shows the doctor 145 cases of forgeries. According to the investigative commission, the scientist distorted statistical results and manipulated images, among other things. The published research reports by the US scientist, according to which not only red wine but also white wine and even beer have a health-promoting effect, therefore lose their value entirely. All external research funds awarded to Dipak Das' s laboratory for further research have been frozen and a process for its release has been initiated, reports New Scientist. (fp)

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