Recognize dominance at the finger length

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Recognize the dominance by the finger length before puberty

The finger length of boys provides information about later masculine features even before puberty. Scientists at the University of Vienna found this out in a study. Accordingly, certain characteristics of masculinity are determined in the early life cycle.

Masculinity is already evident in childhood A team of behavioral biologists from the University of Vienna examined the facial features of four- to eleven-year-old boys from Upper Austria. The researchers concluded that certain facial features of masculinity and dominance are determined early in the life cycle. Katrin Schäfer, head of the study, explains that more masculine features could be the reason why boys are treated differently than those with soft, delicate features. The anthropologist further explains that a connection between finger length and masculine facial features has so far only been established in adult men. "Now we know that this connection already exists before puberty."

The aspect ratio of index and ring fingers is crucial The so-called "2D: 4D ratio", the aspect ratio of index finger and ring finger, has long been used as a parameter to find out which hormones a child was exposed to in the womb. If the ring finger is relatively longer, ie with a low "2D: 4D value", this is a sign of a higher testosterone value.

On this basis, the Viennese researchers have now been able to prove that the connection between facial features indicating masculinity and dominance and low "2D: 4D values" applies not only to adults but also to small boys. The scientists point out that the social consequences still need to be investigated. The study was published in the journal "Proceedings of the Royal Society B".

Study confirms gender stereotypes Psychologists from the University of Konstanz were even able to establish a connection between professional interest and prenatal hormone play in the past year. Accordingly, a high testosterone level indicates an interest in technical objects and questions. Conversely, low testosterone levels show an increased interest in social professions. According to researchers, the study results underline the gender stereotypes of technically interested men and socially committed women.

Since the prenatal hormone level cannot be measured directly, the "2D: 4D ratio", the length ratio of index finger and ring finger, was also used for this study. (ag)

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