Map Report 2011: PKV providers achieve top marks

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Map Report 2012: PKV of Debeka and Deutscher Ring achieve top marks

As every year, the current “Map Report PKV Test 2012” tested private health insurance (PKV) for benefits, balance sheets, service and tariff contributions. As in other comparisons, Debeka health insurance ranks first. Second place went to the Deutsche Ring, which took part in the competition for the first time. Both providers were able to achieve the top mark "mmm".

PKV map report since 1990
According to its own statements, the map report bases its assessments “mainly on facts and figures” and analyzes different companies from the financial services and insurance sectors. Consumers should thus receive a clearly structured overview and a good "comparative instrument on private health insurance". The report has been produced every year since 1990 in order to check changes and quality of the services and balance sheets offered.

Lines, contributions and tariffs change quickly. In retrospect, previously cheap offers turned out to be real cost drivers. It is particularly important for small business owners, employees and medium-sized companies not to be overwhelmed by an increase in private health insurance contributions. At the turn of the year, many privately insured had to accept increases in premiums of up to 60 percent. If you are considering a change or want to start as a new customer, you should not rely on the sole statements of insurance brokers or providers, but rely on comparative analyzes from an independent source.

Debeka health insurance chosen as best private health insurance
In the current “map report PKV test 2012”, Debeka health insurance was chosen as the best private health insurance. With a little distance and also with the top grade "mmm", the Deutsche Ring is in second place. The latter provider participated in the rating for the first time. The Debeka with 76.70 points was just ahead of the German ring with 72.45 points.

A total of 16 out of 46 insurance companies took part in the test. Not all companies disclose their sensitive data, which is why the number of tested ones can be described as relatively small. Because a poor rating can also produce a competitive disadvantage for the insurance company. According to the chairman of the test, Manfred Poweleit, the number of participants is steadily increasing. The large Allianz health insurance company participated in the comparison for the first time last year.

Six private health insurances with top marks
Six insurers achieved the top grade "mmm". Debeka health insurance not only achieved top marks in the current comparison. In comparison evaluations by the Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest, the insurance company was also able to achieve good and very good results with its health insurance offer.

In addition to the previously mentioned providers "Debaka" and Deutscher Ring, four other health insurance companies also received the "excellent" award (mmm): R + V health insurance companies, old Oldenburg health insurance companies, Signal Iduna health insurance companies and DKV. The Mecklenburgische PKV was there for the first time. The insurance company was still able to achieve a “good” (mm) in the evaluation.

Here are the remaining places in the map report from third to tenth place:
- R + V health insurance with 72.20 points
- Signal health insurance with 71.40 points
- Old Oldenburg with 70.35 points
- DKV with 70.25 points
- HanseMerkur with 65.35 points
- Nuremberg health insurance with 63 points
- DEVK with the 63 points
- Provincial health insurance with 62.45 points
The last positions are not recorded for unknown reasons.

Contribution increases less than two years ago
In addition to the health services and services offered, the almost annual increases in premiums were also examined more closely. In the opinion of the initiators, the premium increases were somewhat less than was reported in the press landscape. This may be due to the fact that only a limited number of providers took part in the study and not the number of non-participants. According to the report, the increases were “significantly lower” than two years ago. In 2010, civil servants had to accept an average premium increase of 11.14 euros and employees of 24.85. In 2011, on the other hand, civil servants had to pay an average of 3.24 euros and employees 7.83 euros more for their private cash register.

Don't just rely on the map report
Due to the increasing but still small number of participants, the report can only provide an initial overview. Anyone looking for a suitable insurance should compare the delays of a statutory health insurance company with other providers and also use the independent tests of the Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest. In principle, it should be borne in mind that there is rarely an opportunity to switch back from private to legal. Especially in old age, the tariffs of private health insurance often increase massively, which is why, from today's perspective, statutory health insurance companies are also a good alternative. Anyone who still relies on private health insurance should be well advised before signing a contract. The consumer advice centers also offer first aid.

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