Package inserts belong in the medicine chest

Package inserts belong in the medicine chest

Package inserts belong in the medicine chest and not in the bathroom

As the “Neue Apotheken Illustrierte” reports, medication leaflets should always be kept in the medicine chest. In case of doubt, it can be checked when and how a drug should be taken and what side effects it has.

Package leaflets provide information about what should be taken into account when taking medication. Package leaflets should never be thrown away after the first dose of a drug. Because they not only provide information about the type and duration of use of a drug, but also about its side effects and interactions. This was announced by the "Neue Apotheken Illustrierte". The magazine also advises keeping children's medicines separate from adult medications to avoid serious confusion.

A suitable place for the medicine chest is the cool bedroom and not the bathroom, where the room climate is regularly damp and warm. Bandages and plasters could be conveniently stored in the kitchen, where the risk of injury is highest.

Package inserts are often confusing According to the evaluation of a survey carried out last year by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA), the information on the package insert often leads to uncertainty instead of being "perceived as helpful". The ABDA asked 3,300 German citizens about their experiences with instruction leaflets. The unsatisfactory result: a large number of those questioned found the explanations too complicated and detailed. In addition, the described side effects often lead to fear and uncertainty for the patient. (ag)

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