Pain medicine should become a compulsory subject for doctors

Pain medicine should become a compulsory subject for doctors

Pain medicine should become a compulsory subject for aspiring doctors

"We have failed in terms of care," pain medicine doctors say. In Germany, up to 18 million people suffer from chronic pain such as back pain, which is often not or only insufficiently treated. The reason for this is that many doctors in this area are overwhelmed. Experts demand now a revision of the licensing regulations.

Too few pain physicians in Germany For the 13 to 18 million pain patients, there are only 2,000 to 3,500 doctors in Germany who offer pain consultation hours. There are also around 150 regional pain centers. Pain medications are now sounding the alarm. "We have failed to ensure the care of pain patients sustainably and across the board," said the President of the German Society for Pain Therapy, Dr. Gerhard Müller-Schwefe, at the German Pain and Palliative Day in Frankfurt.

Patients suffering from chronic pain often go through a real odyssey before entering a pain center. An average of eleven doctors previously consulted those affected. The onset of illness was usually many years ago. Müller-Schwefe explains: "Patients meet uncomprehending doctors because they were not prepared for care."

Pain medicine should become its own specialty The pain medic advocates the mandatory inclusion of pain medicine in the licensing regulations. A corresponding draft from the Federal Ministry of Health is already available. In addition, pain medicine must be declared as a specialty, the expert demands. Health insurers are also challenged. Pain medicine must be shown in its performance catalogs accordingly. After all, chronic pain was included in the Morbi-RSA. It was a success. "The money has not yet reached doctors," Müller-Schwefe continues. Now it is important that doctors encrypt the diagnoses of pain patients exactly. Then a corresponding remuneration could also be negotiated.

Close cooperation between different specialist areas is necessary As Rolf-Detlef Treede, neurophysiologist from the Medical Faculty of Mannheim at Heidelberg University, explains, close cooperation between doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists is absolutely necessary for pain therapy. Because physical and psychological pain could not be viewed separately. For example, back pain often does not have a one-dimensional cause, which can be read on the x-ray, Justus Benrath, head of the Mannheim Pain Center, told the news agency "dpa". However, many of those affected shy away from consulting a psychologist for fear of being "deported to the psycho corner", Treede explained.

Naturopathy also offers various methods for relieving chronic pain. These include acupuncture, biofeedback, homeopathic procedures, magnetic therapy, neural therapy or detoxification and deacidification therapy. In addition, special relaxation methods are used in the naturopathic treatment of chronic pain. (ag)

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