Manipulations by PKV representatives

Manipulations by PKV representatives

Attempts to manipulate an online survey by PKV representatives

According to ARD research, representatives of private health insurance are said to have attempted to manipulate an online survey by the television magazine "Panorama" on the subject of "PKV". Around 75 percent of the participants answered “yes” to the question whether the private health insurance should be retained. This astonishing result and numerous negative comments finally prompted the editorial team to do more research. The makers fell in the hands of a circular email, which, according to the ARD, had been sent by the insurance division manager of the company "Jung, DMS & Cie". The company is one of the largest insurance broker pools in Germany. In the mass mailing, insurance brokers across Germany (around 10,000) were asked to take part in the vote. The reason for the vote is a topic of the panorama program: “Private health insurance: cashed in and left alone”. The program included reports that older private insured people are often no longer able to pay their contributions because they are getting higher.

The company defends itself against the accusation of manipulation. It was simply "in the sense of a representative survey (...) that they were happy to contribute to the largest possible number" taking part in the survey, as it was said.

The insurance company "Signal Iduna" also launched a similar call. In a "breaking news", the recipients of the "Health Insurance Newsletter" were asked to "position themselves" and also to take part in the survey. After all, it is a matter of “now showing clearly that private health insurance is an essential component of the German health care system and that there are no majorities for the abolition. Not even in a panorama survey. "

The editorial team "Panorama" was outraged on their own blog. The editors wrote: "So that's what it looks like, the understanding of the public, independent reporting and free opinion formation in a democratic-pluralistic society that Signal Iduna has:" Not even "in a non-representative online survey Political magazine should, yes, a recognizable majority against the PKV come about. Instead, all brokers and employees are asked to participate in a manipulative manner - and even to involve their customers against the supposed "negative journalism" - which they obviously did in large numbers. "

Upon request, a spokesman for the insurance company Signal Iduna defended the procedure. A press spokesman said: "Our employees are also citizens and are always interested in the public discussion about private health insurance".

Debeka sees "anti-PKV propaganda" in reporting Meanwhile, Debeka has rejected the "negative reporting" about PKV. Uwe Laue, CEO of Debeka, emphasized: "Contributions tend to decrease with age". At Debeka, 90 year olds would not have to pay more than 65 year olds. According to the company, around 40 percent of premiums in young insurance years would flow into the retirement provision. Corresponding reports are therefore "propaganda". The provider has around 2.2 million members with full private health insurance. (sb)

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