Parents let their children play outside a lot

Parents let their children play outside a lot

Survey: Parents let their children play a lot outdoors

Fish air and exercise are healthy. According to a representative GfK survey, many parents agree. In addition, many ensure that their children have enough sleep and eat a healthy diet.

Parents are very concerned about the health of their children
Children's health is particularly important, according to the study, which surveyed 524 mothers and fathers of underage children on behalf of the Baby and Family magazine. 83 percent of those questioned support the fact that the little ones are often in the fresh air. 78 percent of parents make sure that the children get enough sleep. 74 percent rely on healthy nutrition for young people. Many parents also see social contacts as important for the health of their children. 73 percent of the respondents said that they promote children's friendships and 49 percent that they support memberships in clubs. Eight out of ten parents also take regular checkups. 77 percent pay attention to the vaccination protection of their children.

Exercise in the fresh air is healthy
Not only in summer, parents should make sure that their little ones spend a lot of time in the fresh air. Even in autumn and winter, children can hardly be stopped in the great outdoors. It is important to wear warm clothes and warm up with hot drinks or a bath. In cold temperatures and lots of exercise, children have an increased calorie requirement, which parents can meet through a healthy diet, which should include a lot of fruits and vegetables but also nuts in the cold season.

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