5 euros practice fee per doctor's visit

5 euros practice fee per doctor's visit

Economists charge a practice fee every time they see a doctor

The German Society for Health Economics (DGGÖ) is in favor of extending the practice fee, while Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr and Hesse's Minister of Social Affairs Stefan Grüttner want to completely abolish it. According to the DGGÖ, the practice fee should be reduced from ten to five euros, but be payable every time you visit a doctor.

In the future, the practice fee should amount to five euros per doctor's visit. In addition, the DGGÖ proposes to abolish the additional payment of 10 euros each for the first 28 days in the hospital. Society believes that this is superfluous. As a result of the proposed measures, health economists, including the chairman of DGGÖ Friedrich Breyer and Jürgen Wasem from the University of Duisburg, hope to reduce the number of doctor visits, because in international comparison these are very common in Germany with an average of 17 doctor visits per year .

Breyer believes that the co-payment system in statutory health insurance urgently needs to be revised. "Co-payments should not simply relieve the health insurance companies, but should steer the behavior of the insured towards thrift," he told the Ärzteblatt. The health economist advocates charging additional fees only where the patient decides for himself whether to consult a doctor. The experts expect a total of 2.4 billion euros from the introduction of the five euros for each doctor's visit, the abolition of the 10 euros per quarter and the hospital co-payment. So far it was 2.2 billion euros. Economists are also expecting a ten percent decrease in doctor visits.

Federal Minister of Health calls for abolition of the practice fee However, some of the suggestions from the ranks of health politicians have been heavily criticized. Hesse's Minister of Social Affairs, Stefan Grüttner, calls for the practice fee to be completely abolished, since it has no control effect and the bureaucratic burden on doctors is increased enormously. Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr (FDP) also speaks out in public for the abolition of the fee. He also demands that the surplus in the health fund be paid out to the members of the statutory health insurance funds. The insured could also benefit from the positive financial development. Bahr believes that numerous health insurance companies could pay corresponding premiums to their members. However, only nine health insurance companies are currently working on premium payments. (ag)

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