Dioxin eggs: Soil is eliminated as a source

Dioxin eggs: Soil is eliminated as a source

Soil is eliminated as a source of contaminated dioxin eggs

The authorities are still in the dark in the search for the cause of the contaminated dioxin eggs at an organic farm in the Minden-Lübbecke district. The soil samples that were last taken on the farm showed no abnormalities, according to the NRW State Office for Nature, Environment and Nature Conservation.

No PCB in the soil. As a result, the samples are not loaded. Only two soil samples showed a slight increase, which, however, could not have caused the maximum values ​​of PCB in the eggs to be exceeded. The two samples come from the conventional area of ​​the farm. The eggs from conventional farming showed no stress. The area of ​​the company that is managed ecologically has been closed since April. Likewise, the examination of drinking water and animal feed showed no pollution. The public prosecutor's office in Bielefeld is now investigating unknown persons.

The background to the scandal was the farm's contaminated organic eggs, which were packaged in a factory in Euskirchen and delivered to supermarkets. In mid-March, the company already had information about the first samples that exceeded the limit. On March 15, more than 100,000 eggs were then sent back to the organic farm. Due to a labeling error, 7,000 were nevertheless put on the market.

The owner of the organic farm, who is currently on vacation in South America, initially kept silent that 20,000 eggs were also delivered to a dealer in the Tübingen region, according to documents. The organic farm owner is expected to return this week.

Foodwatch criticizes circles The consumer organization Foodwatch speaks of serious omissions by individual circles in connection with the current dioxin scandal. The consumer organization relies on its own investigations into the circles, which have shown that the exceedances of the limit value were already known here on March 27. However, the notification of the exceeding of the limit value only took place on April 2 to the responsible ministry. That is why consumers were unnecessarily exposed to increased PCB pollution, Foodwatch criticized. (ag)

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