Study: Homeopathy saves costs

Study: Homeopathy saves costs

Complementary medicine is cost-effective - homeopathy is significantly cheaper than conventional medicine

Research results from Switzerland once again confirm the cost effectiveness of medical homeopathy. The aim of the study, entitled “Comparison of Swiss Basic Health Insurance Costs of Complementary and Conventional Medicine” (researching complementary medicine 2011; 18: 315-320), was to analyze the economics of complementary medicine based on data from Swiss basic insurers for the years 2002 and 2003. Cost data from 562 primary care providers with and without complementary medical expertise were analyzed and compared with treatment-related results recorded by the patients. Using linear models, the practice costs of complementary medicine and conventional medicine were estimated taking into account different patient populations and the structural characteristics of medical practices.

The result: Complementary medicine costs slightly less than conventional medicine. The cost of homeopathy is even 15.4 percent lower than that of conventional medicine. Patients from complementary medical doctors documented better quality of the doctor-patient relationship and fewer adverse drug effects. in the
The result is complementary medicine more economical than conventional medicine in the Swiss healthcare system. However, the study does not include private additional services that are not covered by health insurance. Again it is shown that complementary medicine within the health insurance system is no more expensive than conventional medicine. Similar results are available for the Netherlands. The abstract of the study can be found here. (pm)

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