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Asparagus: Interface gives hints of freshness

For many, the asparagus season is the culinary highlight of the year. However, consumers should pay attention to some details when buying asparagus, so that the taste requirements are met, reports the consumer initiative in Berlin.

When buying the fresh asparagus spears, the interfaces and the appearance of the asparagus heads and the spears as a whole should be taken into account, the experts of the consumer initiative explain. The freshness of the asparagus can be easily checked using the interfaces. The interface must be moist, smooth and delicately fragrant. Hollow or sunken, discolored interfaces, on the other hand, indicate that the asparagus is no longer fresh, explained the specialist for consumer initiative Alexandra Borchard-Becker. In addition, the asparagus tips should be tightly closed and the asparagus spears should be tight with no visible grooves, Borchard-Becker continues.

Asparagus tasty and healthy Asparagus is very popular with gourmets, but the vegetables are not only tasty but also healthy. Asparagus contains vitamin B1, vitamin E and vitamin K, among others. The green asparagus also contains folic acid and vitamin C after contact with sunlight. The only downside is the high purine content, which can lead to acute joint pain and even gout attack in people with increased uric acid levels. However, such complaints after the asparagus consumption are a rather rare exception.

Domestic asparagus with advantages from an ecological and social point of view When buying asparagus, consumers should not only pay attention to the freshness but also to the origin of the delicate stalks, according to the consumer initiative in Berlin. For ecological and social reasons, domestic goods should be given preference over asparagus from southern Europe or Peru. “If you want to buy domestic goods in the supermarket, you should look closely at the origin. Because here German asparagus shares the shelf meters with the goods from Greece, Spain, Italy and Peru, ”emphasized the specialist for the consumer initiative, Alexandra Borchard-Becker. Since the asparagus needs a lot of water to grow and there is often a shortage of water in the growing regions of the southern countries, cultivation is at the expense of the local population. "The situation in Peru, for example, is particularly problematic", where the groundwater level in the asparagus growing regions has already dropped massively and as development continues, agriculture will no longer be possible in the future, reports the consumer initiative in its current press release.

After purchase, fresh asparagus can be peeled and wrapped in a damp cloth in the vegetable compartment for about three days. However, the vegetables can also be peeled and frozen raw without any problems, so that asparagus lovers can extend the season by a few months, reports the consumer initiative. (fp)

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