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Study confirms cost effectiveness of homeopathy

Research results from Switzerland confirm the cost effectiveness of homeopathy. The aim of the study, entitled "Comparison of Swiss Basic Health Insurance Costs of Complementary and Conventional Medicine", was to analyze the economics of complementary medicine based on data from Swiss primary insurers for the years 2002 and 2003. Cost data from 562 primary care providers with and analyzed without complementary medical expertise and compared with treatment-related results recorded by the patients. The result: Complementary medicine costs slightly less than conventional medicine. The cost of homeopathy is even 15.4 percent lower than that of conventional medicine. As a result, complementary medicine is more economical than conventional medicine in the Swiss healthcare system. Similar results are available for the Netherlands.

Parents in particular trust homeopathy, the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) found. A third of their patients are under 20 years of age and no age group is treated as often with homeopathy as children and adolescents. "Apparently mothers and fathers in particular trust in homeopathy and hope for gentle therapy for their families," concluded the TK.

Almost every second German has experience with homeopathy or with the use of homeopathic medicines. 30 percent even or almost always used homeopathic remedies for complaints. 80 percent are satisfied or very satisfied with the effectiveness and tolerability of homeopathic drugs, the "frequent users" even 98 percent. Almost two thirds of users usually buy them themselves in the pharmacy. This was the result of a survey conducted in 2010 by the research institute forsa - Society for Social Research and Statistical Analysis mbH on behalf of the Karlsruhe-based pharmaceutical manufacturer DHU among 2,000 German citizens.

Under the topic “ADD / ADHD - treatment options with classic homeopathy, Ralf Blume gives a lecture on Ritalin, a remedy that is prescribed terribly often, not least at the request of the teachers. It belongs to the group of amphetamines and is therefore a highly addictive agent that is used to promote concentration. However, many parents are not aware of what they are really giving their child. Classic homeopathy offers a variety of good and proven alternatives.

"Homeopathic process counseling for children and adults" is the theme of Arne Krüger. In homeopathy, sick patients are treated with homeopathic medicines based on the principle of similarity. In children, it is often not a question of giving a dose, but of understanding the homeopathic process in which the child is currently. Often, no homeopathic remedy has to be given because there is no real disease. Explaining this to parents and child is one of the tasks of the homeopathic naturopath.

"Naturopathy - more up-to-date than ever" is the motto of this year's German Naturopathic Congress, which will take place on June 16 and 17, 2012 for the 22nd time in a row in the Karlsruhe Exhibition and Congress Center (KMK). The Heilpraktikerkongress is a specialist event of the umbrella organization of German Heilpraktikerverbande e.V. (DDH). A total of more than 30 speakers from all over Germany will present diagnostic and therapeutic methods during the two-day event and provide competent and professional information about new or proven alternative medical methods or procedures. The range of topics ranges from pain therapy, diseases of the man to coping with stress and burnout. (pm)

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