Swimming lakes with very good water quality

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Good water quality: bathing pleasure in the lakes can begin

In Hanover, bathers can look forward to bathing fun in extremely clean bathing lakes this summer. The water quality at all 26 EU bathing spots in the Hanover region is "very good", a spokesman for the region said on Monday.

“There is nothing standing in the way of bathing in the open air in the Hanover region. At least not from a hygienic point of view, ”according to the latest information from the regional administration in Hanover. Hygiene inspectors monitor water quality in the 26 EU bathing areas in the region from early May to September. The analysis of the water samples showed that "all bathing lakes in the Hanover region in the classification carried out for the first time according to the new criteria of the EU directive for the period 2008 to 2011 have excellent water quality and with three out of three stars", explained Dr. Konrad Wolfarth from the Health Department of the Hanover Region on Monday.

Water quality of the bathing lakes is regularly examined. The Health Department examined the water quality in the 26 EU bathing areas of the Hanover region advertised and, according to the region, "for the first time created a detailed water profile for each bathing lake, which bathers can use directly on the lake and on the Internet informed about the natural nature, size and water quality. ”The examination of the water samples taken in early May concentrated bacteriologically on two germs (intestinal enterococci and Escherichia coli) and on the blue-green algae contamination. Overall, the water quality was "very good at the start of this year's bathing season at all 26 EU bathing spots", the region announced on Monday. In order to control how the water quality develops, employees of the health department regularly take water samples from the bathing lakes until the end of the official bathing season in September.

Weather as the cause of increased algae and germ contamination The environmental doctor of the Hanover region cited above all the influence of the weather as the cause of an increased germ contamination, because "long-lasting sunshine over several days can promote the proliferation of blue-green algae." Even with heavy rainfall, a negative is Effect on the microbiological findings due to flooding from the shore to be expected. According to Dr. Wolfarth has not had to block bathing lakes in the Hanover region in recent years due to the increased concentration of germs. (fp)

Image: Jürgen Hüsmert / pixelio.de

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