Lactose intolerance: milk from almonds and coconut

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If you are lactose intolerant, switch to milk from almonds or coconut

There are now various alternatives to animal milk for people with lactose intolerance. Soy milk in particular is considered a popular replacement drink. The Vegetarian Association Germany has further tips for people who cannot tolerate milk sugar or do without animal products.

Almond, coconut and cereal milk is so far little known. While many cafes now have cappuccino and co with soy milk instead of conventional milk, other substitute products such as milk made from almond, coconuts or cereals are less well known.

According to the German Vegetarian Federation, soy milk is a suitable alternative for animal milk, since it can also be processed into whipped cream or yoghurt. In addition, soy milk contains many proteins and little fat and cholesterol. Vegans and vegetarians often use other soy products such as tofu.

Cereals from which milk is made include, for example, oats, rye, einkorn, rice or spelled. Grain milk contains as many minerals and vitamins as cow's milk and is environmentally friendly to produce, according to the Vegetarian Association. However, the Research Institute Dortmund for the nutrition of allergy-prone infants, the Nutrition Commission for Pediatrics and the Research Institute for Child Nutrition expressly warn against feeding babies and toddlers with cereal milk, since this contains too little calcium, high-quality proteins and certain vitamins. Children could get deficiency symptoms from a diet with cereal milk.

Coconut milk is another alternative to animal milk. However, it is very high in fat and is primarily used for sweets and rice dishes. According to the Vegetarian Association, almond milk tastes like liquid marzipan. The production is very simple: puree the swollen almonds, which have previously been blanched and peeled, with water. Almond butter is also suitable. Almond milk has long been a typical drink in Sicily. So far, it is less well known in Germany. (ag)

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