Pain compensation for unsuccessful hair removal

Pain compensation for unsuccessful hair removal

Woman receives compensation for a blemished bikini area

Many are willing to take risky methods of depilation to remove natural body hair. They receive professional support in the cosmetic studio. But even here it is not always guaranteed that everything will go as smoothly as the skin should be after the treatment.

For example, the Wuppertal District Court recently awarded a woman whose bikini line was defaced with pulse light during depilation, a compensation for pain and suffering of 4,000 euros. The cosmetic studio did not provide the customer with sufficient information about the risks of the treatment and, moreover, made considerable mistakes when performing pulse light therapy. Even after painful reddening of the customer, the staff of the cosmetic studio continued or even intensified the treatment, the judges justified their verdict.

Hair removal left scars and white spots
After the unsuccessful hair removal, scars and white patches of skin had formed in the plaintiff's bikini area, which prompted you to claim compensation for pain and suffering of at least 2,000 euros. The district court of Wuppertal now ruled that the cosmetic studio had actually made serious treatment errors in hair removal and awarded the applicant a compensation for pain and suffering of 4,000 euros.

Inform about the risks before hair removal
The current case illustrates that the hairless ideal of beauty can also be associated with risks. If you absolutely want to remove your body hair, you should thoroughly inform yourself about the different hair removal methods and their risks. (fp)

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