The pain must also come from the head

The pain must also come from the head

Early treatment is important - for example with radon heat

Terrifying numbers: Patients with chronic pain find themselves on average looking for help in more than ten doctor's offices in two years. It often takes months, if not years, for experts to identify the causes. However, if pain persists for weeks and months, it often becomes independent and becomes an independent disease. If you don't want to let it get this far, you should look early for alternative methods. Above all according to multimodal concepts that not only consider painful parts of the body.

Pain has more people today than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. The pain is often based on certain illnesses, tension, injuries or inflammation. For those who don't benefit from common pain relief measures or who want to avoid the sometimes severe side effects of medication, radon heat therapy is a good solution. The healing process is based on three factors: warmth, high humidity and radon. The tropical, humid climate creates a desired therapeutic fever. “As a result, the blood vessels expand, which leads to better circulation and relaxation of pain-stricken muscles. The climate also improves the absorption of radon, ”explains PD Dr. Bertram Hölzl, radon expert and medical director of the Gasteiner Heilstollen. "It stimulates cell repair mechanisms and activates healing and anti-inflammatory messengers." These relieve long-lasting pain and accompanying complaints. It is usually carried out in the form of a cure lasting several weeks in a radon thermal tunnel. Many studies confirm these long-lasting, pain-relieving effects. Pain patients also benefit from lower medication requirements. Another advantage: the form of therapy is considered to have few side effects. Health insurance companies often cover about 90 percent of the therapy costs.

Millions of people who fail to find a remedy for their pain in time will eventually reach the point where the pain itself becomes an illness. Original physical causes then take a back seat, but pain remains. Patients do not imagine chronic pain, but there are changes in the nervous system: the brain and spinal cord memorize pain stimuli that recur due to incorrect posture or a tense back. A pain memory develops, which remains even when there is no longer any pain stimulus. "Therefore, the focus should not only be on one form of therapy, but on other measures," PD Hölzl says. "This makes physical therapies, massages, TCM services, laboratory tests, functional diagnostics, health advice and patient training suitable for breaking the vicious circle of pain and pain memory."

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