In the event of a herniated disc, lie down immediately

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Supine position in case of herniated disc

If there are signs of a herniated disc, it is best to immediately lie down to relieve the spine. In the supine position with your legs raised, the tense muscles relax and the spine is relieved. The acute back pain usually eases a bit, but the person affected is usually not spared a visit to the doctor.

In the case of a herniated disc, most doctors prescribe a combination of drug treatment and physiotherapy, whereby Curt Beil from the Professional Association of German Neurologists also advises the news agency “dpa” to take pain medication. The painkillers are intended to prevent the so-called gentle posture (incorrect posture due to the pain) and the cramping of other muscle groups in the vicinity of the herniated disc. This prevents deterioration of the herniated disc and increases the chances of successful treatment, explains Beil.

Back pain and numbness typical of herniated discs Typical signs of a herniated disc are sudden back pain that can radiate to the arms and legs, numbness in the area of ​​supply to the pinched nerve tract and, in severe cases, symptoms of paralysis. With appropriate instructions, those affected should best lie on their back and raise their legs with the help of a pillow. This relieves the spine and the tense muscles can relax. In addition, a doctor who initiates targeted therapy for the herniated disc should be consulted as soon as possible. According to Curt Beil, conservative treatment with medication and physiotherapy is usually sufficient to relieve the patient of their symptoms. After a treatment period of two to three weeks, the patients were usually recovered.

Alternative treatment and prevention of a herniated disc. Naturopathy also offers options for treating a herniated disc, using methods such as medical massages, acupuncture massages, but also nutritional therapies to combat the symptoms. In addition, some naturopathic therapists rely on Schüssler salts to treat a herniated disc. As with many other diseases, however, with herniated discs, prevention should be given much greater attention. The balanced alternation of stress and relief is particularly important for the spine. Overweight should be avoided and the workplace should be ergonomically designed. According to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the right office furniture and the correct setting of the office chair could avoid many back problems for office workers. According to the BAuA, an incorrect sitting posture at the workplace usually manifests itself in symptoms such as neck tension, back pain, headache or pain in the extremities even before an acute herniated disc occurs. (fp)

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