Seniors should season food well

Seniors should season food well

Counteract the loss of appetite with spices

Vigorous seasoning in old age can stimulate the appetite. Only with salt should seniors be a little more careful.

Many seniors suffer from underweight because their appetite decreases with age. The reason for this is the decreasing quality of sensory perceptions. Older people often not only see worse, they also taste less and less. As a result, the sensory experience of eating well is largely absent. "However, strong seasoning can counteract the loss of appetite," said Claudia Menebröcker, dietician for geriatric nutrition therapy. Peppers, peppers and fresh herbs are best suited.

Pleasant fragrance makes you want to eat. The pleasant smell of spices and herbs in the food makes you want to eat again. Therefore, it is important that older people can perceive the food more strongly again. Strong spices such as bell pepper and pepper, but also herbs are ideal for this. Salt, on the other hand, should only be used a little, since salt also favors existing high blood pressure.

Colorful tablecloths should be put on to stimulate the sense of sight. Seniors could thus perceive the plates better. In addition, colorful also increases the mood and thus counteracts depressive moods, according to the nutrition expert. (sb)

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