Pediatrician torments daughter with waterboarding

Pediatrician torments daughter with waterboarding

Does a pediatrician use the daughter's so-called waterboarding for near-death studies?

In the United States, a pediatrician is suspected of performing near-death studies on his eleven-year-old stepdaughter. The doctor, who is known for his scientific research on near-death experiences in children, used the method of so-called waterboarding for his daughter, according to the investigators.

Waterboarding is known as a highly controversial interrogation that simulates the suspect's drowning. For example, US investigators use waterboarding in terrorist suspects in Guantanamo. Renowned US pediatrician Melvin L. Morse is said to have used this method on his stepdaughter, according to investigators. The accused rejects all allegations and claims to be the victim of an overreaction by the authorities.

Pediatrician puts the daughter in a near-death condition According to the sworn statement by the investigators, the 58-year-old pediatrician from Dover brought his daughter "into a near-death condition by simulating drowning." The court records indicate that the eleven-year-old was in talks reported to the police that her father had put her face under a tap. According to the daughter, the accused referred to this as "waterboarding". The affidavit of the investigators also shows that they see a possible connection between the daughter's "waterboarding" and the pediatrician's studies in this area. "It is logical that this is why he wrote and researched the topic," said the investigators.

Arrested for assaulting the daughter In fact, the pediatrician has made a name for himself in recent years with his studies of near-death experiences in children. An interview with Oprah Winfrey about his book “Closer to the Light” already took place in 1992; in 2010 Morse was a guest of Larry King. In addition to these appearances on well-known television shows, "Rolling Stone Magazine" dedicated a contribution to him in 2004. The daughter made the current allegations after the pediatrician grabbed her ankle and pulled her down the gravel path of his driveway, whereupon Morse was arrested on July 13 for endangering a child and assaulting her. In subsequent talks with the police, the eleven-year-old said that her father had disciplined her at least four times since 2009 by keeping her face under a running tap. The accused called this punishment "waterboarding". So far, however, the connection with his studies is only a guess of the investigators and the doctor's lawyer, Joe Hurley, rejects the allegations as "pure speculation".

Pediatrician feels wrongly persecuted The pediatrician, who has since been released on bail, told media representatives that the charges against him were an overreaction by the authorities, due to the criticism that came in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal involving pediatrician Earl Bradley. Bradley had spent decades with his young patient without anyone noticing. The investigative authorities were subsequently accused of massive omissions. According to Dr. Morse has now overtaken the "post-Bradley hysteria". But even if the pediatrician did not abuse his daughter with the "waterboarding" torture method for study purposes, the alleged assault remains the original cause of the arrest. The accused - despite his reputation as a pediatrician - apparently has no understanding of non-violent upbringing. (fp)

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