If the skin is fair, the risk of sunburn in the morning

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For fair-skinned people, there is a risk of sunburn in the morning

Light-skinned people are at increased risk of sunburn. In high summer temperatures, those affected can get sunburnt in the morning at 9 a.m. or in the afternoon at 5 p.m. in direct sunlight. The reason: their skin type is more sensitive than in darker people.

Low UV rays are sufficient to trigger sunburn. The skin type of fair-skinned people is so sensitive that even low UV radiation is sufficient to burn the upper layers of the skin. "If you have a Celtic skin type with light hair and eyes and never really brown, you should always be careful," said Dr. Gertraud Kremer from the professional association of German dermatologists in Berlin opposite the news service “dpa”. From around 6 p.m. “the risk is no longer so,” reports the dermatologist. The lower the sun is on the horizon, the less dangerous the sun's rays.

Sun sensitivity depends on skin habituation
Sun sensitivity also depends on whether the skin is already sufficiently used to UV radiation. "Anyone who works a lot in the garden and is thus pre-tanned, visiting the outdoor pool in midsummer at 9 a.m. is relatively harmless," explains the dermatologist. But if you spend the whole day in your own four walls or in the office, it could be dangerous to your health. "On the other hand, if someone else only ever sits in the office and then wants to use a nice summer day, it goes wrong" In principle, Mediterranean skin types are better protected from the sun than light-skinned people. People with darker hair and eyes have Mediterranean skin.

Online tool reveals sun time There are numerous self-test tests on the Internet to find out how long your personal sun protection time is. According to the doctor, the offer of "UV-Check.de" can be used to determine the individual time. There, interested parties enter the location, the time and their own skin type. The online tool then calculates how long the inquirer can stay outside unprotected. But be careful: "Sometimes this can only be minutes or even seconds," warns the doctor. As such, the portal is serious and is operated in cooperation by the professional association of German dermatologists, the German Aerospace Center and a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Avoid the sun at lunchtime. The position of the sun is at its highest between 12 noon and 3 p.m., "and with it the UV radiation," warns Kremer. At this time, not only light skin types should avoid the direct sun, but everyone, emphasizes the expert. At all times of the day, adults and children should protect themselves with sun protection cream and sun protection clothing. Good sun clothing is airy, made of silk or functional textiles. If you have little or no hair on your head, you should also wear adequate headgear. (sb)

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