Parents misjudge accident hazards

Parents misjudge accident hazards

Parents misjudge the risk of accidents for children

Most parents assume that the greatest risk of accidents for their children is on the road. At least that is what 85 percent of the parents surveyed said in the course of a survey conducted by the Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV). What many parents do not know is that the main risk of an accident is within their own four walls. The parents' statements contradict each other despite their own experience.

Main danger for children in their own household
85 percent of the survey participants believe that the main risk of serious accidents for children is on the road. However, this view does not agree with the findings of private accident insurers. According to the Association of the German Insurance Industry, only 14 percent of all accidents involving children occur in road traffic. "The proportion of traffic accidents has been falling for years and is steadily decreasing," said the insurers. The proportion of traffic accidents with children measured in 2010 was just under 16 percent. The greatest risk of accidents is in the parental household. However, around 82 percent of the parents stated that they would only rate the risk of child accidents at home as “low”.

Experience values ​​contradict assumptions
After evaluations of the study, however, the experiences of the parents contradict what they have already experienced. 34 percent of parents said their children had already had an accident. 60 percent of the accident events took place in one's own house, apartment or in the garden. According to the parents, only 14 percent of the accidents happened in road traffic. It was also shown that the risk of a traffic accident increases with increasing childhood. This means that the older the children were, the more often accidents occurred in road traffic. "This seems logical, since small children rarely move alone in traffic." (Sb)

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