Stiftung Warentest assesses ready-bolognese

Stiftung Warentest assesses ready-bolognese

Stiftung Warentest tested ready-bolognese: Many products were rated well

When things have to go quickly, it's not just the housewife who likes to make ready-made bolognese. Stiftung Warentest tested 18 ready-made Bolognese sauces with meat, four vegetarian options and five sachets of powder for mixing. Uncooled sauces from the jar performed best, while the grade “poor” was once given for the bag powder. The results were published in the current issue of the magazine "test".

Barilla Ready Bolognese scores best at Stiftung Warentest According to consumer advocates, the ideal Ready Bolognese should smell and taste strongly of tomato, Mediterranean herbs and braised meat. Meat and vegetables should be soft and the sauce overall should have a good consistency. In addition, the microbiological quality and the pollution of the sauces were tested.

Only one product of the 27 sauces tested had nothing to complain about: the Bolognese sauce from the glass from Barilla was rated "very good". 13 of the 18 sauces examined from the glass received the grade "good". The sauces from retail chains such as Aldi and Rewe did not score in terms of taste according to the Stiftung Warentest, but overall scored “good”.

In the test of the vegetarian ready-made bolognese, two of the five products were rated "good". The result of the Bolognese made by the Bavarian pasta maker Bernbacher is particularly disappointing. The flavor enhancer glutamate and yeast extract were detected in the product “Original Italian pasta sauce Bolognaise”. It is more a salty gravy than an aromatic Italian tomato sauce, according to consumer advocates, who rated the sauce as "poor".

Ready-made Bolognese from the bag rated Stiftung Warentest the worst When testing the bag sauces, the instant sauce from Aldi Nord was particularly noticeable. She also received the grade "poor" due to her atypical taste. None of the bag sauces tested was rated as recommended. After all, two of the instant products were rated "satisfactory". Overall, however, the bag sauces were described as too salty and hardly tomato in taste. Fortunately, none of the products tested contained germs or pollutants.

The Bolognese sauces that did the best in the test cost between 2.13 and 4 euros or 5.35 and 10 euros per kilogram. Inexpensive discount goods are offered from 0.79 euros or 1.88 euros per kilo. (ag)

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