Which baby porridge is the right one?

Which baby porridge is the right one?

Basic question with baby porridge: home-cooked or from the glass?

As soon as children are switched from breast milk or bottled milk to porridge, the question arises whether it is preferable to use baby food from a jar or self-cooked food. According to the experts at the Research Institute for Child Nutrition, the finished products offer advantages in terms of purity, but in terms of taste and the possible combinations, the homemade baby porridge comes out on top.

Baby foods are gradually started from the fifth to seventh month. Little by little, more and more milk meals can be replaced by baby porridge, reports the research institute for child nutrition. The experts initially recommend a vegetable-potato-meat porridge or vegetable-potato-cereal porridge if you want a vegetarian diet. In the following months, a cereal-fruit porridge was also recommended. It is not clear whether finished products should be used or whether cooking is the better choice, since both forms offer certain advantages.

Higher purity for ready-made baby porridge The purity of the products speaks for the ready-made porridge, due to the particularly strict legal requirements for baby food. "With jars you have a very high level of safety when it comes to pollutants," emphasized Annett Hilbig from the research institute for child nutrition to the news agency "dpa". There is no such security even with self-cooked meals with organic products. According to the research institute for child nutrition, the manufacturers of ready-made baby food have to meet even higher standards than, for example, fruit and vegetables from organic farming. In the case of ready-made food, it is also ensured that the combination of ingredients contributes sufficiently to supplying the children with nutrients and minerals.

Research institute for child nutrition provides baby porridge recipes The experts of the research institute for child nutrition see advantages of the self-cooked baby porridge especially in terms of taste and combination options. "The homemade porridge taste better and you are more free to choose and combine the ingredients", explained Anett Hilbig. However, parents should follow a few basic rules when preparing. This applies, for example, to the ingredients of the baby porridge. Here the recipes of the Research Institute for Child Nutrition can be used to ensure that the little ones are adequately supplied with nutrients and minerals. Special baby cookbooks also show the possibilities of healthy and tasty combinations. As a rule, the ingredients should be well cooked and then processed into fine porridge with a hand blender. In the case of fruit, there are practical reasons for or against individual ingredients, Hilbig explained. “Oranges, for example, cannot be mashed so well. Of course, it is easier with bananas, or apples and pears, which you can grate well, ”said the expert at the Research Institute for Child Nutrition. Berries and peaches are also well suited to the processing options.

Spinach beetroot and spices in baby porridge off limits Some ingredients such as spinach and beetroot are off limits in baby porridge because they have a high nitrate content, from which heating and prolonged standing can result in nitrite and "can impair the child's oxygen supply" , warned the expert from the Research Institute for Child Nutrition. Spices should also be assessed rather critically. Salt, pepper and hot spices have lost nothing in the homemade baby food. In the past, this also applied to parsley, basil or oregano, since they were suspected of causing allergies. But today these herbs are classified as safe and can also be added to baby food in small quantities. Most baby cookbooks generally only recommend using organic products for baby food, but the homemade baby food is generally safe for the health of the child even if it is not made from organic ingredients, explained the expert at the research institute for child nutrition and added: "No food is completely free of pollutants." Although the organic products are recommended, they are not generally required. "It is best to use regional food," Hilbig continues. Because these tend to be the least polluted because they don't have to be transported as far. (fp)

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