Pharmacists on Wednesday on warning strike

Pharmacists on Wednesday on warning strike

Warning strike in the pharmacies in Baden-Württemberg

On Wednesday, pharmacists in two regions of Baden-Württemberg go on a warning strike. According to their own statements, the pharmacists' associations are arguing for “adequate remuneration” for the pharmacists. The increase in fees by 25 cents per prescription drug, which the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Ministry of Health envisaged, is unacceptable and does not even offer inflation compensation, the Baden-Württemberg State Pharmacists Association (LAV) justified the upcoming warning strikes.

According to the LAV, the first pharmacies in Baden-Württemberg will go on a warning strike on Wednesday. In this way, the pressure on politicians is to be increased in order to achieve better compensation for their services for pharmacists throughout Germany. The current offer is "definitely not acceptable", emphasized the President of the LAV Baden-Württemberg, Fritz Becker. If the ministries stick to their point of view, according to Becker, the supply of pharmaceuticals would deteriorate significantly. The warning strikes are initially only planned for the city of Esslingen and the emergency service district of Sigmaringen. If the difference persists, an extension to other regions and federal states is also conceivable, according to the LAV chief.

Operation during the warning strike through the emergency service flap Although the pharmacies in the two warning strike regions remain on duty during the warning strike in order to provide the patients with the necessary medication. But the operation is only carried out by the emergency service flap, according to the Baden-Württemberg Association of Pharmacists. The warning strike was intended to make the joint call of the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA) and the LAV for an increase in fees "of around one euro per prescribed medicine for the 21,300 self-employed pharmacists with their approximately 148,000 employees". According to the state pharmacists' association, the ministry's previous proposal amounts to 25 cents. (fp)

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