Left calls for an over-the-counter pill

Left calls for an over-the-counter pill

Women are increasingly taking the pill afterwards: Leftist demands release without a prescription

More and more women are taking the pill because they want to prevent an unwanted pregnancy after an unprotected sexual intercourse. In comparison to 2010, around 10 percent more patients were prescribed the pill by their family doctor or gynecologist in 2011. The Federal Government reports this on a small request from the “Die Linke” parliamentary group.

The morning-after pill is available in more than 20 countries in Europe without a prescription. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been recommending that the drug containing the active ingredient "levonorgestrel" be freely available to all women for several years. In Germany, women must first consult a doctor in order to be prescribed the morning-after pill. Without a prescription, the purchase of the drug in the pharmacy is not possible. Nevertheless, the statutory health insurance companies cover the costs. For example, the health insurance companies paid around 115 million euros for contraceptives of all kinds in 2011.

10 percent more prescriptions for emergency contraception
According to the answer to the small request from the party "Die Linke", the number of patients who were given the pill afterwards by a doctor increased by around 10 percent in Germany compared to the same period last year. Accordingly, the subsequent contraception was administered exactly 367,427 times. In this context, the Left Party demands that the pill be given without a prescription. The party's spokeswoman for women's policy, Yvonne Ploetz, told the "Bild": "We are asking the federal government to finally release the pill afterwards! After a sex breakdown, it has to be done quickly. A prescription-free delivery of the pills in pharmacies is overdue . "

Pill afterwards no abortion pill
In the opinion of the left, the “morning-after pill” is “in no way an abortion pill”, since it does not work if the pregnancy already exists. Rather, the drug is "emergency contraception after unprotected sex". Since the effectiveness of the preparation is only limited in time, access should "be made possible quickly." Experience in other countries would have shown that "that a prescription-free diet does not lead to an increase in risky contraceptive behavior and does not affect regular contraception". Advice to women can be guaranteed through the pharmacy system. (sb)

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