AOK does not send organ donation cards

AOK does not send organ donation cards

Because of the organ donation scandal, the AOK health insurance companies stop sending information material

Due to the organ donation scandal, the General Local Health Insurance Funds (AOK) rejected the plan to inform their approximately 24 million health insurers about the organ donation at regular intervals. According to the AOK board, people are too irritated due to the organ donation scandal at clinics.

The AOK draws a first conclusion from the organ donation scandal that became known a few weeks ago. Jürgen Graalmann, Chairman of the AOK Federation, confirmed the corresponding media reports to the “Berliner Zeitung”. The AOK boss told the newspaper: "The AOK will initially not send its insured individuals any individual information material or organ donation cards".

Uncertainty and irritation after the scandal
The scandal has caused great uncertainty and irritation among people. Doctors manipulated documents in clinics, which resulted in some patients getting a better position on the organ donation waiting list. They were operated on faster than others. For this reason "we urgently need to be clarified, more transparent in the organ donation process and strict control", Graalmann warned. More work needs to be done on these points.

The AOK chair left open whether the health insurers in the AOK network will send the information letters if the new transplant law is likely to be implemented in November. The law was only passed in the cabinet in the summer and is now to be submitted to the Bundestag for voting. The draft law, for example, stipulates that "health insurance funds should regularly send insured persons information material about organ donation and an organ donation card". In addition, the health insurers should check the readiness to donate organs to the insured. However, the AOK calls for a "comprehensive clarification" of the opaque trade in organs before taking further steps.

So far, it has not been finally clarified how manipulations at clinics can be prevented in the future. The different models for this are still controversial. (sb)

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