Germans keep medical appointments

Germans keep medical appointments

Germans pay attention to punctuality when it comes to medical appointments

The Germans are very conscientious when it comes to meeting doctor's appointments. According to a representative survey study commissioned by the “Apotheken Umschau”, 82.8 percent of the survey participants make sure that they arrive punctually when the doctor arrives.

On the other hand, 79.2 percent of the respondents expect that the doctor is also on time and that there are no long waiting times in the practice until consultation. According to the study, they are "annoyed" if they have to stay in the waiting room for longer despite the appointments. The self-employed or people in the “liberal professions” are particularly annoyed if the waiting times are longer (87.9 percent) than expected.

Not just on time at the doctor
In addition, punctuality also plays an important role for appointments in official institutions (78.1 percent). Adherence to the start of duty is of high importance for 86.7 percent. Business appointments also play an important role. Punctuality is also very important here with 76.8 percent.

The survey was carried out on behalf of the online edition of the “Apotheken Umschau” by the opinion and research institute “GfK” from Nuremberg. Nationwide, exactly 2061 women and men from the age of 14 were surveyed. (sb)

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