Ovarian tissue successfully retransplanted

Ovarian tissue successfully retransplanted

Ovarian tissue successfully retransplanted - child born naturally

For the second time, researchers from Erlangen have had great success after retransplanting frozen ovarian tissue. A woman suffering from breast cancer four years ago gave birth to a child naturally using the procedure a few days ago.

Ovarian tissue was frozen before chemotherapy After a young nurse from Nuremberg contracted breast cancer in 2008, she had ovarian tissue removed and frozen because the chemotherapy pending at that time threatened infertility. Just two years after the treatment, the frozen tissue was thawed at the University Hospital in Erlangen and finally fully functional again transplanted in August 2011. “A few days ago, the woman became a happy mother. To date, 13 times worldwide that a sterile patient has been able to give birth to a child naturally after retransplanting her cryopreserved ovarian tissue, ”reports the clinic in a recent press release.

Klaus Diedrich, former director of the Clinic for Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University Clinic in Lübeck, was cautious about the success of the Erlangen researchers. Ovarian tissue can also be obtained naturally after cancer therapy, Diedrich, who was also President of the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGGG), told the news agency "dpa". However, it is a good medical solution if the information from Erlangen is correct. The chances were "50 to 50" that the success was due to tissue that had regenerated after chemotherapy. Diedrich sees the method - if it was actually successful - in the future also in the area of ​​"social freezing", in which older women take tissue in order to fulfill the desire to have children at a later date.

Only 13 births after ovarian tissue retransplantation worldwide At the Erlangen women's clinic, research into retransplantation of ovarian tissue has been ongoing for around ten years. In 2008, for the first time in Germany, doctors were able to successfully retransplant frozen ovarian tissue from a former breast cancer patient in a fully functional manner. "In 2011, the Erlangen Reproductive Medicine team, in cooperation with the Uni-Klinika in Dresden and Bonn, managed to retransplant ovarian tissue in such a way that a former lymphatic cancer patient got pregnant naturally and could be delivered by Caesarean section in Dresden in October 2011," says in the clinic's press release. For the first time, this procedure had also been successful for a former breast cancer patient. In the case of the young woman from Nuremberg, the entire therapy took place in the Erlangen reproductive center.

Ovarian tissue retransplantation has been performed in Erlangen since 2007 in eleven women. Although the method did not fail in any patient, only two children were born. This has only been achieved 13 times worldwide, as reported by the Erlangen clinic. (ag)

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