Radio wave therapy for varicose veins

Radio wave therapy for varicose veins

IKK Südwest signs a contract for gentle radio wave therapy - treatment takes place on an outpatient basis

The IKK Südwest is taking innovative approaches to varicose vein therapy. In future, insured persons affected can have their vein ailments treated with a new, minimally invasive and gentle surgical method - provided the medical requirements are met. The so-called radio wave therapy is an alternative to conventional treatment, the "stripping" procedure (pulling out the vein). The affected leg vessels are closed with radio waves (closure procedure). The procedure is less stressful for the patient because the treatment can be carried out on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

Within the framework of integration care, the IKK Südwest pays the costs for the modern treatment method, which has not been part of the outpatient service catalog of the statutory health insurance (GKV). The advantages for the insured are short waiting times, quality-assured therapy procedures, comprehensive advice and more service. "In addition, the use of radio wave therapy minimizes the number of hospital stays because the procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis," explains Frank Lambert, head of the contract partner at IKK Südwest. "The patient has a shorter regeneration time and is therefore healthy again faster."

The contractual partner of IKK Südwest is Micado Health Care GmbH, a nationwide active management company founded by doctors, which is committed to improving the quality of the health system by building integrated care structures and thereby focusing more on outpatient treatment processes.

In European comparison, outpatient operations have so far played a subordinate role in Germany. The so-called station replacement services will become increasingly important in the future. "It is therefore important and right that we are one of the first health insurance companies to deal with minimally invasive techniques and to build networked care structures so that our insured can benefit from them," emphasizes Frank Lambert.

In the course of the IKK motto "More performance at your side", this is a further step in the right direction. "We are once again proving that our insured can benefit from many advantages that go far beyond the standard of statutory health insurance (GKV)," adds Dr. Lutz Hager, Managing Director of Supply at IKK Südwest.

94 qualified doctors nationwide currently offer this service for the IKK Südwest, three of them in Saarland, six in Rhineland-Palatinate seven and two in Hesse. Interested parties can obtain further information via the free IKK service hotline 0800/0 119 119. (pm)

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